Middle Knoll

Wandering up Dunsop valley from Dunsop Bridge in the Forest of Bowland, you will not be able to avoid noticing in the approaching distance a large, moorland-covered dome, looming as some kind of mythical Guardian over the entrances of Brennard Fell and Whitendale Fell respectively. 

This treeless peak is Middle Knoll, which stands at 395 metres/1295 feet and whose vast girth forces the Brennard river and the Whitendale rivers to bulge their flows around its base before they conjoin and become the fast-flowing River Dunsop. The huge hill is without doubt one of the most spectacular sights within the Forest of Bowland and its height can be a real ‘gruel’ to conquer, depending on weather and wind direction, all due to its central position at the three valleys’ openings: however, if you succeed in reaching its barren top, the views are stunning in all directions and your sense of achievement will be matchless, that’s the power of Middle Knoll

*Shot on a Samsung S10+ 12mp phone camera with camera settings at ISO-50, aperture at f/2.4, centre-weighted metering mode and an exposure time of 1/500 seconds*


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