Lost birthday balloon (slight return)

Following on from the original blog entry back on the 30th October 2022 – see “Lost birthday balloon” for more details – I found myself taking another ‘leisurely jaunt’ (or exhausting slog) up to Wolfhole Crag in the Forest of Bowland the other week.

On the way up, I passed the same place at a drystone wall where I had spotted a discarded birthday balloon had lodged itself last time, after what I can only assume was a chaotic, wind-buffeted journey from God-knows-where: however, it would appear that during my sojourn elsewhere, a breeze had come along and dislodged the tenacious, partly-inflated plastic bag for hardier climes elsewhere.

Who knows if I may run into the birthday balloon once more, on the desolate gritstone tops of Bowland in the near future…?

*Shot on a Samsung S10+ 12mp phone camera with camera settings at ISO-50, aperture at f/2.4, centre-weighted metering mode and an exposure time of 1/700 seconds*


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