Brilliance beyond the clouds

Brilliance beyond the clouds

A top road above Ogden reservoir in Piethorne valley, Newhey takes on a surreal appearance now the scene is swathed in a burst of blinding Sunlight flaring through an overcast fracture: a brilliance beyond the clouds beckoning us…

*Shot on a Panasonic Lumix FZ18 8MP ‘super-zoom’ bridge camera set at ISO-100, lens at 35mm, aperture set at f/2.8, spot metering mode and an exposure time of 1/1000 seconds*


4 thoughts on “Brilliance beyond the clouds

    • Cheers Howard – just look at the camera (Panasonic FZ18 bridge camera) which only cost £30 quid off eBay, has a tiny sensor and a fixed lens, but has delivered a shot which matches my dSLR that has a sensor 4 x the size and with a £500 lens on it as well!

      It’s the same camera that got the Moon shot when we were up there last year…

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