Hook, line & Skimmer!

Hook, line & Skimmer!

Sorry for the delay in uploading anything lately, but new job needed breaking in, so apologies to all who’ve been waiting!

A small Bream – also known as a ‘Skimmer’ to most UK fishermen – battles in vain against the elasticated workings of a pole, a size 22 spade end and the ‘pound bottom’ that helped to present a single caster as natural fish-food…

For everybody else who has no idea of fishing, the above jargon just means that the fisherman in question knows how to trick his quarry into snaffling his bait!

*Shot on a Canon 600d 18mp dSLR using a Sigma f/2.8 105mm EX lens with settings at ISO-100, aperture at f/2.8, spot metering mode and an exposure time of 1/3200 seconds*

(Alternate picture-based Blogger layout at www.stretchthehorizon.co.uk if anyone’s interested.)


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