Once more to Hollingworth Lake in Littleborough to find this palatial but ramshackled house, which has sat abandoned with faded newspapers covering its windows and its timber frame rotting away for as long as I can remember (I won’t say how long that is as it’ll give away my age)!

*Shot on a Panasonic Lumix LX3 10mp enthusiast compact camera with settings at ISO-80, aperture at f/3.2, spot metering mode and an exposure time of 1/2000 seconds*


8 thoughts on “Ramshackled

  1. I know where that is Splosher, what a shame, it’s in a perfect setting too. I think it’s still owned, probably someone’s second home in the sticks, some people have too much money!

    • How’s it going and where have you been hiding?!?!? Our Gaz said you’ve both been looking at fishing places.

      I think what happened with the house was that there wasn’t any planning permission, hence the reason it’s stood empty; another rumour was that no-one was left alive in the family tree to take it over so the house just keeps rotting away.

      Who Knows what’s really true, eh…?

      • Hi Slosher, yes we’ve been out for a nosey in Derbyshire, really nice over there. The Dove looks amazing. Found an interesting lake too that looks neglected and underfished. Might have a go on there at the start of the season.

        I remember looking at that house and thinking what a shame. Got a friend that lives in SmithyBridge and he said it’s been stood like that for years!

      • i know the family who are alive and well but fighting a very long battle through the courts regarding building defects that make the house uninhabital

    • Hi its not a second home, there is dispute with the builder over poor quality work, staircase moving, sewers backing up etc, been going on 20 years with many court hearings, poor people who have had this done to them were looking forward to moving into thier ‘dream home’

    • As I’ve stated on Howard’s comment, there are a couple of rumours about the house, but still as you rightly say,it could be a lovely home…

  2. Hello Tina, if I could trouble you please I’m making contact with me, I would like to speak with you further with regards the empty property ?

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