Our Lady’s High School, RIP

Our Lady's School RIP

This shattered husk of a building is all that remains of Our Lady’s Roman Catholic High School in Royton, Oldham as of the 16th and 17th of March, 2013; reduced to a crumbling monument teetering in-between the pulverising motions of the unstoppable yellow mechanical beasts.

The school had been part of the community since it opened in 1961, but changed its name in 2010 to the ‘Blessed John Henry Newman RC College’ after failing OFSTED ratings spectacularly. However, change is always in the air when a local Council has money to spend, so this old educational establishment has been levelled as the newly-built ‘Oldham North Academy’ has been completed on the adjacent site of the Sixth Form school.

Now though, there is no Roman Catholic secondary school in the periphery of Royton and one must travel many a mile to find the site of the new ‘Super-sized Roman Catholic Academy’ – an amalgamation of three Catholic schools from the Oldham area – which begs just one question: why not just build the new Roman Catholic Academy on the same site a Catholic school presence has stood for the last 52 years?!

*Shot on a Canon 600d 18mp dSLR using a Sigma 18-125mm DC lens with settings at ISO-100, aperture at f/7.1, spot metering mode and an exposure time of 1/800 seconds*


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