Watch out, there’s an Alpaca about!

Watch out, there's an Alpaca about!

This Alpaca was spotted loitering on its own in a field in Royton (not the most exotic place in the world to find free-roaming, domesticated South American Camelids, I grant you) oblivious to the adjacent ‘Home Watch Area’ sign and its implications: can you imagine the bemusing telephone call to the Police from a concerned neighbour whose happened to catch a glimpse of this woolly mammal?!

(Which of course shouldn’t be confused with a Llama – half the size and with straight ears, not curved, so thanks to Wikipedia for that info!)

*Shot on a Samsung WB500 10mp compact camera with settings at ISO-80, lens set at 42mm, aperture at f/5.8, centre weighted average meter mode and an exposure time of 1/500 seconds*


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