Rapes Highway signpost

The signpost

A signpost stands at the side of ‘Rapes Highway’ on Denshaw moor – an ancient packhorse trail that connected Lancashire and Yorkshire for centuries – pointing out the directions for anyone hardy enough to be trekking across this section of the Pennines. Off into the distance lies Huddersfield road (the A640) and Dowry reservoir in Denshaw; behind the camera is Readycon Dean reservoir and a little further on finds Ripponden road (the A672); finally, the right-hand signpost points onto the Pennine Bridleway and eventually leads to the isolated Crook Gate reservoir.

*Shot on a Canon 600d 18mp dSLR using a Sigma 18-125mm DC lens with settings at ISO-200, aperture at f/7.1, pattern metering mode and an exposure time of 1/125 seconds*


4 thoughts on “Rapes Highway signpost

    • Cheers. Bear in mind though, I’m shooting with the 600d that hasn’t got a working screen (remember that one?) so I can only see the pictures once I upload them into my PC! Basically, I’m using a digital camera like a film camera – and keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough ‘talent'(?) to pull the shots out of the bag…

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