Monday night Moon

The Moon as seen over Oldham, Manchester on Monday the 27th of August 2012. Shot handheld using a Panasonic Lumix FZ18 8MP ‘super-zoom’ bridge camera: ISO 100, a shutter speed of 1/250 sec and the lens set at 503mm with an f/stop of 4.2. Not a technically organised shot, but the result is still good enough considering it was snapped “point and shoot” style.


5 thoughts on “Monday night Moon

  1. Laptop got all messed up. It was refusing to do a thing but would make an incessant beep from the hdd. I took it into work who eventually got back to me to explain ‘its dead’. Brilliant. So have just got a new drive installed. I lost loads of photos off my dslr and phone.

    Ive been painting loads and a bit of photography but mainly indulging in all things art. Over the summer holidays Ive spent a total of 2 hrs gaming….is it the end? I can’t afford a new camera at the moment which is one of the negatives of having 3 children to bring up. Have you been photographing much and does this blog show most of your work?

    • I think it’s a simple fact of getting older, Bambi – and having parental responsibility as you have – that gaming, the once-haloed and completely self-absorbing indulgence sent by God, must fall by the wayside of all things Life-related! Only one I’ve had any kind of time for is Skyrim, but as you know yourself, I’ve been addicted to living in The Elder Scrolls virtual world since Morrowind (beats having to exist in Royton anyway) and will continue wielding swords and perfecting my sneak skills until my retinas’ fail.

      As my writing blog shows, I’ve not done any real writing for the last three months or so because I’ve been getting this photo blog up to scratch, so the answer is yes, I’ve been doing a lot of photography; apart from the near 50GB of pics on my hard drives (backed-up, thankfully) from an assortment of cameras, the blog does show an eclectic array of some of my better shots.

      I am considering doing some prints and seeing how they sell, but when I’ve got time.

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