Oldham skyline from Tandle Hills

(click above image for larger picture)

A panoramic shot, taken from the top of the sloping hillside – just off the Oozewood road farm lane – at the rear of Tandle Hills. Almost central in the picture is the Oldham Civic Centre’s skyscraper-style building, with other landmarks dotted throughout the scene:

  • Far-left centre can be seen the Royal Oldham Hospital, with the old Oldham Brewery’s pencil-thin silver chimney sitting just above;
  • To the left of this are the pointed turrets of Oldham’s Parish Church and behind on the far horizon can be seen Indian’s Head at Dovestones reservoir;
  • Oldham Athletic football club can be seen in the centre-left, along with Clayton Playing Fields and the B&Q superstore;
  • To the far-right stand the twin tower blocks of Summervale House and Crossbank House, situated next to the Oldham Way bypass;
  • Below this and just in shot is Fernhurst Mill, which was home to Constellation Luggage in Chadderton until it was demolished in 2011 and set underneath that lost landmark is the Elk Mill Retail Park, eponymously named after the cotton mill that once stood there;
  • And finally, running along the tops of the forefront trees is Middleton road in Royton, its gradual rake from left to right made apparent with the placement of houses at Stottfield and Royley estates clustering either side.

Sums things up around my way quite nicely I think…


2 thoughts on “Oldham skyline from Tandle Hills

  1. Good evening.

    What a brilliant photo you have taken. Would you mind me using this on a website for a business in Oldham? We would obviously state that the image was your work.

  2. Hello, I would like to use this lovely image in a presentation slide for a forthcoming Bank of England event in Oldham. We will acknowledge the copyright on the slide. Please can you confirm this is ok? Many thanks

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