Nature’s encroachment on our world


A small selection of pics looking at how Mother Nature is constantly on the move in the Man-made world: almost engulfed by this year’s rampant undergrowth, a street sign still manages to show the way (just).

A stubborn tangent of Ivy making its way upwards along the roughened, weather-scored surface of this Sun-bleached fence.

Anyone who can read this road sign as they approach it at 30mph needs to be studied further by science for their otherworldly cognative skills!

Even Nature itself isn’t immune from the ever-strident Maternal grasp…

A prime example that being lazy when doing the gardening can result in all manner of complications!

The browned tendrils of last year’s dead grasses keep their fragile but firm grip upon the black marble of this fallen cemetery cross: death still claims, regardless…

… and yet, Life still fights on to establish an early hold…

… which in time will transcend even the most immovable of things (hopefully)…

… or halt the things that actually do move by their incessant, unfettered explosion of growth!

But in the end, Mankind can always resort to fighting back against the green chlorophyll blooms with some of our most ingenious of inventions!


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