Another six months wait…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I cannot believe that I’ve not contributed more content to this blog since my last entry, which was yet another form of an apology for my lack of commitment!

To try and make amends (yet again!) here are some pictures from around my local countryside park, Tandle Hills in Royton, so please click on the ‘(More…)’ link below:

A Dandelion’s flower beginning to wilt in the sunshine.

A Squirrel peering into my camera, curious at the fool with the lens!

A Bee in mid-flight, going from one Foxglove tube to another and dusted in pollen.

Two Dog Rose flowers – one white, one pink – jostle with each another off the same stem, straining towards the Sun from within their tangled hedgerow.

A passing Crow, its tattered feathers showing against the sky.

A Fly cleaning itself on a fence post.

Two Daisies side by side, one pristine and one becoming slightly rough around the edges.

Reality of Nature: the sad sight of a dead Heron, that appeared to have just lay down and died shortly before I passed, its rake-thin frame curled into a final, open-eyed slumber…

A decidely small-looking Large Red Damselfly, clinging to a glossy green Rhododendron leaf and basking with its gossamer wings folded together.

And finally, a long shot of Oldham’s skyline from high on top of a hillside in Tandle Hills. Note the Civic Centre breaking through to the left of centre, with the new NHS mult-story building adjacent to it.

So hopefully, I’ll post another entry within this blog before six months is upon us again (fingers crossed)!


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